10 Interesting facts about Poodles

  Poodles have been getting attention of breeders since their creation because of their unique look and characteristics.Some of their unique characteristics are highlighted below.
  1. Poodles are totally opposite of what they look like.You will probably think Poodle as a silly dog whereas they are very intelligent and quick at learning tricks.Poodles are actually considered as one of the most intelligent dog breed.
  2. Poodles are great swimmers.For a long time they have been used for herding purposes.All of the ancestors of Poodles are also thought to had amazing swimming skills.However Toy Poodles are a bit different and not that much athletic as Standard or Miniature Poodles are.
  3. Poodles have long haired coat and their hairs never stops growing.Their coat is water resistant that allows them to swim better than most of other dog breeds.
  4. Poodles are retrievers and were used to retrieve in water game.They were also used by hunters because of their retrieving abilities.
  5. Poodles have won the award of being The Best Dog in a show in 1991 at a dog show held by Kennel Club.
  6. Poodles have originated in Germany and are the National dogs of France where they are called "Caniche"
  7. Poodles have a life span of about 13-16 years.
  8. Poodles are one of the most trainable dog breed but training them has never been an easy task.They need training from their childhood.Otherwise they would easily be destroyed and become strung if not properly trained.
  9. Poodles need your proper attention and socialization.They can soon become an ideal dog if well socialized and would never be a trouble for you in outdoors.
  10. Poodles does not like to jobless.They also hate being alone and would easily get bored.Therefore before getting a Poodle you should be sure that you have enough time for him.
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