Treatment of HCM disease in Cats

  Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy(HCM) is the most common heart disease in feline world.However,the real cause of this disease is still unknown.This is normally described as the thickening of the inner heart muscle due to which the pumping of heart gets badly affected.
There are some specific medications that can be used to prevent HCM or to reduce it's effect if has already appeared.The treatment usually done for HCM is to remove the unnecessary fluid from body tissues and lungs to increase the chances of blood flow indirectly Oxygen to all the body tissues.Spironolactone is the most used drug in this case.Adrenergic Blockers are used in a case to reduce the beating of heart to a specific rate to give it complete time to relax and then to pump as much blood as it can.That is done when the heartbeat of cat increases due to the less blood flow in body parts.Calcium-Channel blockers are also used as a medication for HCM,Cardizem CD is the most commonly used drug in this case.These kind of drugs helps to improve the ventricular activity that helps increasing the blood flow.Furosemide is mostly used in case of congestive heart failure conditions.Pimobendan can also be used if prescribed by the doctor in specific conditions.
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