Tepmperament of American Shorthair

  American Shorthair is an energetic,muscular and active medium sized breed of cats.They are highly trainable but to a specific extent.They are bit stubborn in nature.They are really affectionate and would be a nice playmate for your children.They are quite independent in nature and likes to do things on their own.Hunting is in their nature but as a whole they are intelligent and calm.They are not only friendly with the family but also with other pets.There socialization with other pets in the start will make them use to see other pets normally and as a result it will end up not be having any problem with other pets.They are also a great workers according to their history they were mostly used to keep the rats away.As a whole American Shorthair is a decent pet that would love to sit in your lap and will not get tired till the time you want to play.
Image Source:androidpit


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