Temperament and Personality of Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coons are no doubt an important member of feline world and is the most shown cat on 
Cat shows.Maine coons like to be dependent and always wants to do everything on their own and may be that's the reason they are such an amazing hunters.They likes to play.They are not so much people oriented but that does not mean they don't like the people around them.They can be social and would be great with family members and other pets if properly and well trained.They need a bit more training than other cat breeds.They are not lap cats but like to play with children but they can be hard on them if disturbed like tail pulling by children.They are friendly and affectionate and like to be loved.The naughtiness in their nature never goes by age.They also have tendency to be more  close to one of their owners.They are also able to understand human emotions.They can easily become an important part of a family.
Image Source:audiopoetry


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