Personality and Temperament of Abyssinian Cat

  Abyssinian cat is no doubt a cat that wins every body's heart by it's actions and amazing behavior,intelligence,athleticism.They need your attention and wants to be loved.Unlike other cats they don't have any problem in sharing a house with other pets even if it's a cat that belongs to any other breed of feline world.They like to play fetching that means you will not miss a dog if you have an Abyssinian.They are not noisy like Siamese and like peaceful environment.They don't like to sit in lap and would prefer to play.They are pretty much curious about everything happening around them.They don't like to be disturbed while busy in what they are doing.They like high altitudes and are always in a search for a high place from where they can jump and show how athletic they are.They are easy to train and are good in learning.
Image Source:flickr


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