History of Siamese Cat

  Siamese are thought to be one of the oldest existing cat breeds.They were also thought to be worked as guard cats in temples in old ages.They are named after their origin"kingdom of Sam"recently called as "Thailand".It is also said that the king of the Thailand gave two Siamese cats to a British General that he took with him on returning back to United Kingdom in late 19th century.Those cats were named as 'Pho' and 'Mia'.Liliane Gould founded the first Siamese club and that time cats breed registration was started in United Kingdom.American president 'Rutherford' received Siamese female cat as a gift in 1884, in this way this cat was carried to America.Unfortunately,that cat is thought to have died in the very first year of her stay in United States.A German Zoologist Peter Simon in his research has found a very similar cat to Siamese in the surroundings of Caspian Sea in early 20th century.
Image Source:mysmelly


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