Health Problems in Persian Cats

  Persian Cats need lots of grooming because of their long haired coat.They are very sensitive toward mites that may occur if not properly groomed.Obesity is one of the main health problems in Persians so you must give a proper food contain protein and other nutrients in a balanced way according to your cat's weight and age.Hairballs should be taken into consideration as they can result in a long term discomfort,vomiting and diarrhoea etc.Another main concern is PKD which is a kidney disease named as Poly cystic Kidney disease.This is a fatal disease that can certainly cause premature death.Heart diseases are rare in Persian Cats but still some Persian cat have been seen suffering from Hypertrophic Cardimyopathy.Epiphora is also a disease from which Persians suffer.In this disease excessive tearing occurs due to irritations in chronicle part of eye.
However,better nutrition and proper care can reduce the chances of any of these disease to occur.
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