Health problems in Abyssinian Cats

  Abyssinian cats are an important member of the feline world.Purebred cats have been seen with less health issues as compared to mix breeds.All the necessary vaccinations plays the most important role in the health of your pet so one should never be lazy in to fulfil these essential requirements of his pet.Tapeworms are common in almost all cats and may occur due to unhygienic food and can later cause severe diarrhoea.Gingivitis is also common in Abyssinian cats.They are also prone to Pyruvate Kinase in this disease an enzyme that helps to produce energy in the body cells stops working and due to which cats becomes weak and and can not walk.This disease normally occurs in later ages.Renal Amyloidosis is a kidney disease that came in Abyssinian genetically and the best treatment for this is to use the best quality food available throughout their life because the most quality food you will use the less load will take kidneys to filter it.Except these  hair balls may occurs if Abyssinians are not groomed at least twice a week.


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