Grooming of Siamese

  Siamese are wonderful and delicate creatures.They have smooth short haired coat that does not need excessive grooming.However they like to be cleaned.Brushing their coat twice a week would be enough.Try to use comb specially made for cats that you can get from a nearby pet store.They rarely need a bath.Hands can also be used to groom your Siamese but you should also be gentle in this case.If you feel need to clean eyes try to use a cotton or wipes and roll it nicely at the corner of eye.If the nails of your Siamese are not shedding then try to cut them at a significant distance from their root otherwise it may result in bleeding from nail's root.To clean the ear again use a cotton and keep cleaning them fortnightly to prevent mites.You can also brush your Siamese teeth but that's not what mostly cats like.


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