Grooming of Maine Coons

 Maine Coons are one of the biggest cat breed kept in houses.They have semi-long haired coat and surely need careful grooming.They have special furry tails that can easily get wet and will cause problem if not cleaned timely.Their large size does not mean that they need excessive grooming.Grooming them twice a week would be enough.Always use metal hair brush specially made for pets that would not cause much problem in tangled hair.They do not need excessive bathing,twice or thrice in a month would be enough.Special care is needed if the weather is too cold.Normally people have problem with the urine odor to reduce this you should first use high quality pet food.Secondly,the place where they are kept should be cleaned on daily basis.Always,use a soft toothbrush and a medicated paste to clean their teeth.You can use cotton buds or simple cotton dipped in germ killer to clean the ears.Try to look before cleaning the ears and if they get dirty earlier or if you feel any kind of odor then take your Maine coon to nearest veterinary specialist.You should also check the nails if are not shedding themselves then try to cut them at a significant distance from the nail root.


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