Facts about Ragdoll Cats!

  Ragdoll Cats are considered to be one of the largest cat breeds and are thought to be originated in California.Ann Baker was the first cat breeder to have Ragdoll kittens from a Persian/Angora cat.They are not like Siamese and would love to sit in your lap.They are never tired of getting love from the people around them.The reason behind they are called Ragdoll is when you pick them they will lay in your arms.Ragdolls have never seen showing aggression and never use their claws so they are surely a fine playmate for your children.They have special blue colored eyes which shine like stars.They mostly have 5 kittens in a litter.They are similar to Maine Coons in their dog like behavior and would love to follow you throughout the house and would love to play fetching.They need almost 4 years to be totally grown up.
Image Source:gatosporsandralima


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