Diagnosis of HCM in Cats

  Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy(HCM) is the most common heart disease in the feline world.
Cats of almost all ages has been seen affected by this disease.The normal ways to diagnose if your cat is suffering from HCM or not is the Echocardiogram (EKG) of your cat.Unfortunately,this method is not very useful in the very early stages of disease and is the most appropriate method for the diagnosis.However,after the disease is near to appear properly the enlargment of the ventricle can be easy seen in X-ray.A cardiac Ultrasound can explain properly if the disease has reached to some serious extent.In the cardiac ultrasound thickening of the heart muscles can be seen.To prevent the disease and to diagnose it as early as possible one should visit the nearest vetenary care center atleast once in a month.


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