Appearance and Coat Colors in Ragdoll Cats

Ragdoll is a large size cat breed.This breed is a color point that means that they have specific dark color points on their coat.They have rectangular bodies and semi-long haired coat.They usually have blue colored eyes that are not so round in shape.There have silky coat and have big long haired tails.There coat appears in different colors does not remain the same as it is at the time of birth.Color point Ragdoll cats have dark colors on ears,feet and tail and usually have cream color coat.Ragdolls have mitted coat have white color on and around the belly and and point colors on ears and upper side of back limbs.Ragdolls having Lynyx point colored have tabby markings on their face.Except these their coat also appears in Chocolate,Lilac and blue colors.
Image Source:tmragdolls


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