Appearance and Coat colors in Maine Coons

Maine Coons have large and wide bone structure than any other normal cat breed.They have semi-long haired coat that appears in different colors.They have rectangular body shape and big claws.They have big round eyes,pointed ears and quite a flat face.They have long fur around ears and also coming out from the claws.They have a long furry tail on which they has hairs larger than the normal body hairs.Their coat is silky and soft.
The most common coat color is Maine coon is brown,silver,cream and white.White mixed with all of these four colors has also seen in Maine Coons.Blue cream,Calico,Grass color is also present but these are rare.They also have smokey coat colors like Black smoke is common in Maine coons except this Blue smoke,Red smoke,Silver smoke is also present.
Their coat also appears with patches of different colors like brown,black,blue or silver patches on the coat mixed with white or cream color.
Brown Patched Mackerel
Classic White mixed Brown Tabby
Classic Tabby
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