Like Birmans and Siamese there is not such a confirmed record about the exact origin of Abyssinian and how they were brought to Europe and spread around the world.However there are lots of myths that has been believed up till now that this cat has an origin in "Egypt".It is believed that the first Abyssinian was brought to England by a British Soldier in 1860's on his return from Abyssinian war.This cat was named as "Zula" and is thought to be the first Abyssinian cat in United Kingdom.
Abyssinians arrived to USA in early 20th century.
Most of the experts deny this because recent Abyssinian and Egyptians cats have hardly any resemblance The breed was first presented in Crystal Palace in early 1870's.Now the modern research has proved that this certainlly has a strong relation to Asia and Middle East.In the middle of 20th century Abyssinian were brought to Scandinavian countries and now people are importing to find best quality Abys from these countries.In those decades Abys were also brought to Australian continent.
The first Abyssinian cat in France was registered in 1930's and was named as "Ras Tafare"


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