Problems related to white Doberman Pinscher

   White Doberman Pinschers are newly registered as the first White doberman was registered in 1976 by American Kennel club.White Dobermans are suffering from albinism.The pigment that produce the coat color in dogs does not work properly in them.They are the product of normal Dobermans.Due to the disorderliness in the production of the pigment they are very sensitive to sunlight and it can brig serious harm to them like sun burn.Adjusting with a new enviourment is more difficult for them than other dog breeds and they can suffer from different behavioural problems like over aggressiveness.In the late 20th century American Kennel Club has placed a restriction and White Dobermans are exempted from the list of Dobermans.Except this these rare colored Dobermans has been a big interest of many Breeders.
Image Source:dogchannel


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