Health problems in Doberman Pinscher

   Doberman Pinschers are strong and alert.They have muscular bodies which means that they need proper health care and daily exercise.They can adjust in small apartment if taken on walks and for exercise daily.Direct exposure to sunlight can be harmful for them.Wobbler syndrome is common in them this disease is called Cervical spondylitis and cardiomyopathy.Albinism which is a disease in which the pigment for coat color does not work properly.Hip dysplasia and Obesity.Sometimes they suffer from demodicosis which is caused by overpopulation in Demodex canis and narcolepsy that is caused by neurological disorders like inability of brain.
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  1. I've owned 24 and only one overly dominant aggressive. Cancer and cardiomyopathy took most. 8-16 year life spans. The best of all the characteristics that make dogs superior to most people!