Behaviour of Doberman Pinscher

   Dobermans are energetic,strong and loyal.They have natural guarding ability.Behaviour may vary in different dobermans according to the previous training.Excessive breeding has done a great damage to them but still there are some natural characteristics that can be seen in most of Dobermans.Dobermans are nice to children but i would not say a very suitable dog to serve as a playmate for children.The most important thing is the training you are giving.They normally don't like strangers but can behave well in outdoors with other dog breeds if properly socialized.They don't like cats and also likes to dominate in front of other dogs.They don't  bite the way they use to protect is to bark and by their action they dominate the opponent.Overall,dobermans can serve as a good pet for your family and also a guardian for your property.


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