Structure of American Pitbull Terrier

   American Pit bull Terrier is a medium sized dog that has strongly built body.
  Size of a male pit bull can be 15-25 inches and and adult pit bull should weigh near 36 kg
 and similarly the females a little shorter in size 14-24 inches in height and 25-33 kg in weight.
 They are agile and powerful.Their head is broad between their cheeks that is a quality of a bull dog.They have strong and wide neck that can be about 20 inches.They have cropped and short ears.They are way much stronger than their appearance and size.They have short tail and well built chest and round eyes.They have short haired coat that's why they are easy to groom.
Because of their body structure they need daily long walks and proper exercise.
Image Source:scampia


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