Misconceptions about Pit Bulls

   There are lot's of misconceptions present about Pit Bulls and lot's of questions that should be answered and people should aware of.Unfortunately they are most abused dogs that is totally against what they really are.They are neither dangerous to humans nor to other dogs.They are 
really nice with children and gentle in nature.They are very tolerant and have high rate of temperament.According to research held in America percentage of their temperament is 86 
that is higher than many other Dog Breeds.They are not dangerous like they are pretended in media.Attacks registered by Pit bulls are less than most of other other Dog breeds.
Image Source:qing


  1. The abuse pitties suffer because of man's greed and lack of knowledge is disgusting. These dogs are inherently sweet, good natured, loving and loyal to a fault. I always ask people to get to actually know a pit bull because to know one is to love one. My favorite statistical quote is "Coconuts kill 150 people a year. You are 60 times more likely to be hit by a falling coconut than killed by a pit bull. So help me start a Ban Coconut Trees campaign." My cat, springer and terrier were all rescues when I rescued my pittie. They all play, eat, sleep, snuggle and romp happily with each other. The only thing that could kill me is if something happened to him - or maybe killed by love and those infernal kisses he continues to give. I applaud you for your post and your gorgeous dog pix. WELL DONE!