Health Problems in Dalmatians

 The two most common health problems in Dalmatians are Deafness and Kidney problem.
According to the research on the percentage of puppies born deaf is about 10-13 % that
is pretty much higher than other dog breeds.The other main problem is kidney problem,
Dalmatians might suffer from kidney stones.To avoid health problem your Dalmatian needs
clean and healthy environment,proper care and medication.Here are some other disease Dalmatians are prone to.

                            This is an inherited disease most of the dog breeds suffer from.Labrador Retrievers are also prone to Hip Dysplasia.This is a hip joint disorder and mostly occur in dogs in the form of Canine Hip Dysplasia.Actually,a hip joint has two main components a ball and a socket.In this disease the ball and socket in the hip joint does not fit together as a result are no longer able to bear the pressure and cause massive friction in joints.This disease usually appears in the early age of a dog's life.It can badly affect the physical activity of your dog and would gradually make it too weak. 

                                      This is not very much different from Hip Dysplasia discussed above.Male Bulldogs has been seen more prone to this disease than female Bulldogs.This disease also appears in the early ages of your puppy almost at the age of four month.This is also a genetic disorder and most of the dogs having this suffer from this disease throughout the whole life.In this disease during the period of bone development the elbows do not develop properly or develops in an abnormal way that later on prevents the right movement of elbow joint.
                                    Cancer is the most leading disease disorder that causes most deaths in dogs every year.Cancer is a numerous division of body cells and can appear in any age but have been seen mostly in old dogs.The cancer is cureable in it's early stages but one should be aware of it's symptoms to nip it from the bud.Almost 35% of all dogs die with cancer.Common symptoms of Canine Cancer are as follows.


  1. An uncontrolled division of cells produces lumps in cancerous part.This is not necessary that every lump that you feel on touching your dog is cancerous but it is necessary to take him to vet if you feel any kind of lump or bump in your dog.
  2. You dog will most probably start eating less.He would become more prone to even smaller diseases.He would become lazy and weak.
  3. In early stages of cancer a dog does not feel any pain but if left uncured he may start feeling severe pain in different parts of body.
  4. You will feel your dog always being stressed.You may see the shine in his eyes and the naughtiness in his nature gradually going away. 
  5. You may also feel excessive odour that would be different from how your dog normally smells like.
                                    Dalmatians have also been seen more prone to Bladder stones than most of other dog breeds.One of the most common symptom is the increase in urine production.Bladder stones may occur due to low quality pet food and drinking impure water.

          This disease appears due to the excess of gas in stomach and can cause death in severe cases.This disease is commonly known a as bloat.When the pressure in the abdomen increase to an abnormal extent the stomach twists and a dog your dog is not able to vomit and tries to find a suitable posture to reduce the pain.The disease may also cause a specific organ death in your dog.
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